Smash hit producer and super-hot DJ, Cuebur, with Rob Rodell and their hit single “Could This Be Love”

Hot producer and DJ, Cuebur (creator of the smash house hit ‘Pepe’), has this to say about studying at The Music Business Academy: “Mr Robolozo really knows his music business stuff, apart from being a really good singer! I learnt soooo much in his classes, he helped me protect my music, inspired me to follow my dream, and has already helped me make money by teaching me to value myself as a musician.”

DJ Shimza, singer Rob Rodell, DJ Cuebur. Former students Cuebur & Shimza’s “Could This Be Love” Remix, featured on Soul Candi’s Candi Roots Vol. 1 and Tokzen Vol. 7, has achieved gold status in South Africa, home of the world’s greatest house music.

Welcome to the Music Business Academy website.

In order for you to be successful in the music industry, you need a lot of factors to fall into place. In most cases, these are all a result of smart – and hard – work.

For example, you will need:

  1. An understanding of copyright – how to protect your work, and not use somebody else’s without permission.
  2. A game plan for setting goals and getting motivated to be in the music industry.
  3. A financial plan, to help you to make money.
  4. A sound knowledge of marketing, so that you can get your music into the hands of consumers.

These and many other things are what we teach at the Music Business Academy.

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