“Learning with RoB is never dull. I enjoyed all my classes with him. He taught me a lot especially when it came to music business and the laws of the music industry. His a very supportive, understanding and very open person. Like any other subject or course u need to put in 100% to get good results back, with RoB getting that 100% will be easy as pie.” – Bandile Mtolo, student, producer, DJ

“My name is Anele Gcakasi, lyricist, poet, producer, live and studio sound engineer, and aspiring music businessman. As a producer/artist, I now have more up to date knowledge on how the music business operates. In the management module, I learnt that if you want to make money off your music, you need to start thinking like a business. I also learnt how a record company is structured. Presently we are learning about music business law, which I personally think is very important for every producer, artist or aspiring music entrepreneur, to learn and acquire those skills.”

“I’m Kgotso Mgibanyoni. I’m a non-destructive testing engineer, sound engineer, music producer, songwriter, rapper, artist manager and record label owner. I started studying at the Music Business Academy last year doing the marketing course, where I learnt how to create a public image, first impression, build my brand, the “MKG” brand, learnt about target markets, finding out what people want, and convincing them of my product and creating status. I also learnt how to get my music out to the public, get radio airplay, gigs, endorsements, and how to create a personal relationship with the fans.

“I also did the management course, where I learnt how to manage my work as a producer, songwriter, and artist manager and as a record label owner. It was a very interesting course because without proper management your works will manage you! What topped everything was working with the “Could This Be Love” star Mr Rob Rodell. So what I can say is that if you are a music producer/DJ or an artist, then this is the right place to start, or you’ll be ripped off for your whole career because you won’t know what goes on behind the scenes – so, think twice before you want to be in the entertainment industry.

“Now I can only say thank you Mr Rob Rodell for helping me to start my record company, market my own music, and manage my company, artists and DJs properly. If more people studied at the Music Business Academy then we would have fewer starving musicians in South Africa.”

“Hi, I’m Avi G, an up-and-coming Indian rapper/producer/sound engineer studying at the Music Business Academy. My honest opinion about Rob Rodell and the Music Business Academy is that his teachings and knowledge are well needed when entering the music industry. Believe it or not the music industry might seem like it’s all fun and games but what it all comes down to is business. So by educating yourself about the music business you are actually protecting your music career from lawsuits and misunderstandings, plus you are able to fully interpret right and wrong. Simply put, a person who is educated in the music industry is a successful person. So I definitely recommend studying at the Music Business Academy with Rob Rodell. His teachings are easy to understand, plus he’s a cool guy. :)”

– Avi G passed the advanced marketing course last year with distinction. Well done Avi!


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